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Immediate cooling effect
Babystart Fertility
Helps reduce scrotal temperature
Babystart Fertility
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About FertilMate

Our FertilMate Scrotum Cooling Patch is a specially designed hydrogel pad with natural l-menthol used to provide a cooling effect. The patch has a pleasant aroma and is slim, flexible and non-greasy. It is easily trimmed and shaped for use on all sizes of scrotum and comes in a re-sealable bag, with no need for refrigeration.

There are two versions of the FertilMate, a ‘Trial’ pack of patches for those men that want to ensure that the patch can be worn successfully by them and there is a full pack of 32 patches for an effective use of one spermatogenesis cycle of16 days (at 2 patches per day).

Who should use FertilMate?

Any man wishing to help reduce their scrotal temperature, especially men who drive or sit down during the day for long periods of time or men who have tendancy to sleep on their side.

Scrotal temperature reduction and spermatogenesis
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